Danceart particularly keen to explore the intention of movement and the fugitive theatrics with response to the body in space. danceart love in dance requires an experimental process and habitual movement in the creation and choreography. 
 A series of danceart film/videos have been selected and screened at national and international film festivals.

danceart employs MOVEMENT and the FRAMED VISION of the camera, the interest and continued exploration is the relationship possibility in TIME, SPACE AND SOUND. Therefore the natural progression is combining these disciplines, using film and video. 
The starting point is to dance and the narative unfolds.

 Locker-room 2000: Susanneville 2001: Prelude to a Flight 2002: 
 Insidewindow 2002: Insidewindow2 - Mannequins 2007: Glass Perpx 2008: LOCKER-ROOM (2000)
16:9 / color / miniDV / PAL / 7mins
Directed / Camera: Steven Fajana
Music: Music Of The Crusades (Various Artist)
Choreography & Dance . Steven Fajana
Edited by: Sola
Screened at Il Coreografo Elettronico, 2004.XII Napoli Italy
The movement of the dancer directly defines the pattern of the film, as this person also fulfils the function of the cameraman. The soundtrack is a recruiting song complementing the choreography and the movements. A feeling of longing and play, full of reverent wonder at the experience of being in this personal space.
A solo dance of hope, dream, sadness, love and wonder. SUSANNEVILLE (2001)
16:9 / BW / M2 / PAL / 7.30mins
Director: Steven Fajana
Camera: Marco Ruffatti, Silvia Rosicalleri, Bahar Canca
Choreography & Dance: Susanne Olsson
A solo dance exploring the fugitive gesture of the body in motion from Susanne’s epoch: a period in time, a beginning of something.
A solo dance of play and wonder. GLASS PERPX (2008) 
4:3 / B&W / DV / PAL / 6 mins.
Super 8 camera: Sabine Fajana
Music: Paul lawler
Dancer. Steven Fajana
Screened at 12th American dance festival 2007,USA, Dancescreen 2007, Montage Video dance festival South Africa 2008. Opensource: {video dance Symposium} 2007 bulletin 3 Findhorn, Scotland, UK
A dance for the camera that explores the perspective view/gaze of the camera from below. The score gives the piece its lost/dream like vision. INSIDE WINDOW2 - Mannequins (2007) 
16:9 / colour / DV / PAL / 3 mins.
Director & Editor: Steven Fajana
Camera: Marco Ruffatti & Bahar Canca
Choreographer / Dancer. Susanne Olsson, Steven F.
Screened at Danca em Foco, Mostra Internacional de Videodança - MIV Rio de Janiero, Brasil 2008.
The spatial space changes the boundaries of how we look at things. They create different space for the body in movement. The piece looks from the inside to the unrelated movement from the outside (cars, bus, taxi's, man, woman etc). The music cuts and starts again to give the dance its energetic sound & dance exploration looking from the inside and outside as the two mannequins body dance from the inside. Insidewindow plays and seek to express the movement and the dance in space looking from the Inside Outside. PRELUDE TO A FLIGHT (2002) 
16:9 / colour / DV / PAL / 7 mins.
Director Steven Fajana
Camera: Steven Fajana
Music composition: Patrick Dudek
Producer: Sabine Fajana
Choreographer / Dancer. Susanne Olsson, Steven Fajana
Screened at Monaco Dance Film Festival, Grimaldi, France. Berlinale film Festival- Talent Campus, Germany.

‘Dance screen: Prelude to a flight’ explores the visual language of the body in motion, with the emphasis on the interaction of the camera, the space and the lighting. The movement of the dancer(s) directly defines the pattern of the film, as this person also fulfils the function of the cameraman. The captured sequences of the body in the space and its encounters with other dancers are a result of the movement itself, manipulated only by the editing process. Through this unconventional way of filming dance, I intend to capture the expressiveness of the dancing body, and create a narrative.
4:3 / colour / miniDV / PAL / 6 mins.
Director Steven Fajanai
Camera: Marco Ruffatti, Bahar Canca
Music: Patrick Dudek
Choreographer / Dancer. Susanne Olsson, Steven Fajana
Screened at Dance on screen Festival: Open Forum 2002. London UK
A 6 minutes short film, exploring the visual language of the body in motion, emphasising the interaction of the camera within built environment. The human body is the original model for measuring, planning the dimensions and volumes it inhabits. ‘Insidewindow’ seeks to express the contrast of the dancers movements and the static space with the relation to the outside gaze and boundry. shapeimage_9_link_0